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A source of vibrant, vigilant and sustainable support for the cause of liberty through partnerships with our most loyal donors.

The Rio Grande Foundation invites you to link arms for the cause of liberty and become a member of the9club.

Donations of $9 per month (or more) by members of the9club combine to create a sustainable funding source to insure the Rio Grande Foundation’s continued efforts in proactive outreach, policy analysis, research and education on critical topics such as health care, taxation, education, government spending, global warming and transparency.

We will continue to break stories about corruption in New Mexico politics, expose the government’s inaccurate reporting on government-sponsored Websites, and also continue to shine sunlight into the Roundhouse in Santa Fe!

Why 9? The number 9 may seem small to you but it’s huge to the Rio Grande Foundation. We launched the9club on 09.09.09; it represents a vote of confidence and an annual commitment to the fight for liberty, opportunity, and prosperity for all New Mexicans.

The Rio Grande Foundation is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit 501(c)3 nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to free market economic principles, limited government and individual rights and responsibility.

Your tax deductible $9 monthly donation (about two latte’s per month) plays an important role in our sustainability as an organization. Thank you for linking arms in this battle for liberty in New Mexico.

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