How Tax Friendly Is Your City?

Ever wondered how your locality's "tax friendliness" compares with other major cities in New Mexico? Now is your chance to find out with the Rio Grande Foundation's Tax Friendliness Calculator! Simply select your city from the pull-down, fill in the requested information, and we will estimate your total local taxes. You can then select another location from the pull-down to see how you compare! Remember in entering your estimated annual household retail spending that items like groceries, mortgage payments and savings are not taxable. If you're unsure of the appropriate figure to enter, about 60% of your total annual take home pay should be close.

This calculator supports the ten largest cities in New Mexico (about half of the state's population). Note that these computations include only gross receipts and property taxes (both of which vary by location). Other taxes (like income, gas and excise) are not included.

Click here to download the RGF's complete tax friendliness study.